Kraig Consulting

Kraig Consulting.

Kraig Consulting is a full service financial consulting firm specializing in the education and not-for-profit sectors.

We are available to assist schools and organizations as a financial advisor in the support of a bond issuance. We also assist clients with identifying potential funding sources for new projects, or the expansion and renovation of existing facilities. We will draft a Request for Proposal for developers, and assist in the interview and selections process. Our project pro-formas will help to facilitate discussions within your organization as well as with boards and other approving enities.

Clients Served.

The Auraria Foundation (University of Colorado at Denver, Metro State University & Community College of Denver), Northwood University (Michigan and Texas campuses), The McKinley Foundation at the University of Illinois, and the Table Mountain Animal Center Foundation in Golden, Colorado.

While working at the investment banking firm of George K. Baum and Company for over ten years, I had the pleasure of working with a host of other colleges and universities throughout the country, as well as independent schools, not-for-profits and foundations.